At Toyota Park to see the Chicago Fire play MN United

The seasons are changing. Fall is here in all its golden glory. Watermelon and corn are out. Apples and squash are in. We’re finally past that weird overlap where it’s technically fall, but the weather is warm enough for flip flops and avocados are still on sale. Those are confusing weeks. Half of your friends… Continue reading Seasons


Date Night at the Ballpark

Thirsty Thursday at CHS Field at the St. Paul Saints game

What makes something a “date night”? For parents, it’s no kids. But if you’re a kid-less couple like Alex and I, by that definition, every night is date night. And while I love eating Jack’s pizza and watching Netflix at home, that kind of evening definitely doesn’t count. (Let’s be real: that’s just every night.)… Continue reading Date Night at the Ballpark

On Dumb Questions and Endless Discoveries

Growing in marriage, walking on a wooded path

It all started with a question. Alex and I were walking around the neighborhood after dinner. We were both quiet. To jumpstart conversation, I asked him about some snippet of football news I had heard. Not that I really cared. We could talk about anything; I just wanted to connect with him. Sports news seemed like the… Continue reading On Dumb Questions and Endless Discoveries

Why is Tennis So Confusing? (But Wimbledon is So Cool!)

woman playing tennis

This week I’ve spent hours watching Wimbledon of my own free will, and I’ve actually enjoyed it. I don’t know what part of that sentence shocks me most. I’m so proud of myself, I really think someone should send me a complimentary Wimbledon towel. Or maybe a basket of strawberries and clotted cream. Total tennis… Continue reading Why is Tennis So Confusing? (But Wimbledon is So Cool!)

Confessions of a Terrible American: Why I Don’t Like Baseball

Target Field in Minneapolis, MN

To Minnesotans, nothing says summer like a game at Target Field on a breezy, warm night. The Twins don’t even have to be playing well for locals to enjoy the open-air stadium, tasty concessions, and striking skyline views. But while I enjoy fresh air and nachos in a souvenir helmet as much as anybody, I really… Continue reading Confessions of a Terrible American: Why I Don’t Like Baseball

When You Think He’s Crazy, Remember This

Soccer ball planter

Alex has a new treasure. It's a soccer ball signed by several MN United players, a late birthday present from his mom. The ball has brought a new level of joy to our home. It's just like Christmas, except no Bing Crosby, gingerbread, or frasier fir candles. The ball rolled around our apartment for a… Continue reading When You Think He’s Crazy, Remember This

For the Love of the Game

When Alex watches sports, he's focused and quiet. He doesn't make running commentary or celebrate outwardly. I can be sitting next to him during an amazing play, and we might as well be watching a PBS pledge drive, he's so stoic. This goes against everything that inspirational sports films, sitcoms, and Super Bowl commercials have… Continue reading For the Love of the Game

#LoonsOverKC: 24 Hours in Kansas City

Kansas City Power and Light District

At least one hundred and forty soccer fans and I are storming the concourse of Children's Mercy Park. The guy next to me bangs a bass drum. A dozen people carry flags. Everyone holds their scarf straight above their head, like a banner. A guy yells into a megaphone. "OH WHEN THE LOONS!" We respond.… Continue reading #LoonsOverKC: 24 Hours in Kansas City