Date Night at the Ballpark

Thirsty Thursday at CHS Field at the St. Paul Saints game

What makes something a “date night”? For parents, it’s no kids. But if you’re a kid-less couple like Alex and I, by that definition, every night is date night. And while I love eating Jack’s pizza and watching Netflix at home, that kind of evening definitely doesn’t count. (Let’s be real: that’s just every night.)… Continue reading Date Night at the Ballpark


On Dumb Questions and Endless Discoveries

Growing in marriage, walking on a wooded path

It all started with a question. Alex and I were walking around the neighborhood after dinner. We were both quiet. To jumpstart conversation, I asked him about some snippet of football news I had heard. Not that I really cared. We could talk about anything; I just wanted to connect with him. Sports news seemed like the… Continue reading On Dumb Questions and Endless Discoveries